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Suede Boots Muddied Beyond Repair - One Remedy

Dear Dr. Dave and Dr. Dee,

My favorite suede boots got terribly muddied and I tried cleaning with a cloth using soap and water several times. But, the boots still look dirty and bad. I feel like throwing them out. Is there any other method of cleaning suede?



Dear Desperate,

Assuming the boots are aniline dyed (dye permeates the leather and not just a surface dye), and you've tried cleaning them without success several times, then there is one method that you can try as a last resort.

If they really do seem unwearable because of the dirty stains and you plan to throw them out anyway, then try washing them in the clothes washer on gentle cycle. It sounds strange, but there have been some successes with this method. Remember, this is a last resort method in case the machine washing "ruins" the boots. After washing, let the boots air dry. The leather will feel stiff, but after wearing a few times, the suede should soften up.