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Slimmer Waist With Undergarments That Smooth Invisibly

Dear Dr. Dave and Dr. Dee,

My problem is that I have small bulges of fat that stick out on the sides of my waist. I guess they are love handles. I have always had them, but I am not overweight. I bought a new dress for a dinner party next weekend, and it clings around my waist area and emphasizes my fat. Any quick suggestions?


Need to whittle waist

Dear Need to whittle waist,

There are a couple of ways to quickly make the waist look slimmer. Because you are not overweight, but have little love handles, then add a belt. If the dress would look nice with a belt, then wear a wide belt with the dress and cinch it snug. If the dress is best without a belt, then the second suggestion is to try slimming underwear.

Section targeting Slimming undergarments are not girdles, but a new type of tummy control. Some of the more popular brands are soft, comfortable, and gently slim and smooth. To slim your waist try Spanx Hide & Sleek Hi-Rise Body Smoother or Donna Karan Waist Embrace. Both Spanx and Karan work especially well with clingy or close fitting clothes and helps smooth the stomach, waist, and bottom areas from above the waist to mid-thigh. The control is light but effective and invisible under clingy clothing.

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