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Soft Contact Lenses Fine For Sports

Dear Dr. Dave and Dr. Dee,

Our 13 year old daughter was given an eye exam at school, and she is going to need glasses. She plays soccer, so in addition to her regular glasses we'll need to get her some type of sports eyeglasses. However, she wants to get contact lenses, but we're afraid that they will fall out while she's playing soccer, plus contacts are more expensive than eyeglasses. Are there sports glasses that young teenagers like?


Disagreeable daughter

Dear Disagreeable daughter,

Protective sports eyeglasses look more like goggles and probably not something your 13-year-old daughter would like to wear.

However, your daughter should be fine playing soccer with soft contact lenses. Soft contacts are large, conform to the shape of the eye, and usually won't fall out. In addition, contacts are not more expensive than eyeglasses. Contacts can also come with UV protection.

Consult with your eye care professional to determine whether your daughter is a good candidate for soft contact lenses.