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Skirt Lengths and Age

Dear Dr. Dave and Dr. Dee,

My teenagers tell me that I should wear skirts that fall below the knee since I'm in my 40's. I wear a variety of skirt lengths, anywhere from the top of my knee down to my ankles. Is there a rule for skirt lengths for different ages?


Out of touch

Dear Out of touch,

The basic rule-of-thumb for skirt lengths is that if you feel comfortable in it, wear it. A skirt that falls at the top of the knee is not too short for someone who is 40, or 50, or 60. Basic skirt lengths have no age limits. On the other hand, mini-skirts which are several inches above the knee are more for the younger generation.

Often teenagers have stereotyped views of what they think their parents ought to wear or how to dress. If you want to accommodate them, it's up to you and your family dynamics. However, it may set the stage for increasing their control over other areas such as how you wear your hair, your makeup or lack of it, which car to be seen in, or being seen with you.