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Sandal Insert Stops Foot Slippage

Dear Dr. Dave and Dr. Dee,

I have a pair of high heeled strappy shoes that I seldom wear because my foot tends to slip forward in them. Even if I don't wear nylons, my foot slips in them. Is there any solution for this problem other than getting rid of the shoes?


Slippery shoes

Dear Slippery shoes,

Foot slippage in high heels can be a problem, especially in open-toed shoes or sandals. To prevent your foot from sliding forward in open-toed shoes or strappy high heeled sandals, use a sandal insert. There are many different brands such as Levante Foot Petals, Newport News Tip Toes, or Falke Step and Stop. These inserts will help keep your foot in place as well as cushion the ball of the foot.