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Strict Rules at Home Often Mean Love

Dear Dr. Dave and Dr. Dee,

My mom is very strict and doesn't trust me. I can only stay out until midnight on weekends, but my friends can stay out until 2am. During the week my mom won't let me go out at all. I'm 15 and she won't let me go on a date unless it's with a group. She works and won't let me have any friends over when she's not home. If I'm invited to a party, she calls their house and talks to their parents about it. She is such a worrier. How can I make her trust me and give me more freedom?



Dear Prisoner,

Your mother has strict rules because she loves and cares about you. If she wasn't concerned about you, she wouldn't worry about your comings and goings. In a few years, you will come to appreciate her love and strictness. She has only your best welfare at heart.

The rules that you have outlined are not that unfair. The curfew might be relaxed a bit, if there was a special function that you were attending.