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Ribbons Symbolize Many Causes

Dear Dr. Dave and Dr. Dee,

We've noticed how many organizations have "ribbons" to symbolize their cause. For example, a red ribbon for Aids Awareness, pink ribbon for cancer awareness, yellow to support our troops, etc. Our organization would like to have a ribbon symbol, too. Do you know if any organization has aqua or turquoise color ribbons?


Need Color

Dear Need Color,

Some organizations have the same color ribbons, just different textures, add a pin, or have multi-colors. Some examples of causes that have turquoise or teal colored ribbons are addiction recovery, anxiety disorders, ovarian cancer, and sexual assault.

There are dozens of causes for each color, but below are a few examples of ribbon colors and awareness cause (, 2009; Wikipedia, 2009):


BLACK: Accidents; Amish, gun control, melanoma, mourning, sleep disorders


a. Dark blue: alopecia; colon cancer, Huntington's disease, water safety

b. Light blue: pro choice, prostate cancer, spay/neuter pets

c. Periwinkle blue: anorexia, irritable bowel syndrome, stomach cancer

d. Teal blue: anxiety disorder, ovarian cancer, sexual assault

e. Turquoise blue: addiction recovery

BROWN: Anti-tobacco, colon cancer

GREEN: Cerebral palsy; depression; kidney; leukemia; stem cell

GRAY: Asthma, brain cancer, diabetes, mental illness

ORANGE: ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder), kidney cancer

PINK: Birth parents, breast cancer, nursing mothers

PURPLE: Alzheimer's, cystic fibrosis, domestic violence, pancreatic cancer

RED: Aids, high blood pressure, lymphoma, MADD, stroke, tuberculosis

WHITE: Adoption, bone cancer, osteoporosis, peace, right to life, scoliosis

YELLOW: Amber alert, bladder cancer, liver cancer, obesity, Troop support

COMBINED COLORS: Pink/Blue: Birth defects; Black/White: Anti-racism; Red/White: Oral cancer; Blue/White stripes: Lou Gehrigs

MULTI-COLOR Puzzle: Autism

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