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Panty Line Visible - Underwear Remedies

Dear Dr. Dave and Dr. Dee,

Is it still a fashion faux pas if you have underwear lines?


Need to know

Dear Need to know,

Underwear that does not show panty line indentation under clothing looks nicer and slims the body. Visible panty lines are a combination of tight clothing, especially pants, with underwear that shows on the buttock area. There are several different remedies for visible panty lines.

10 Suggestions for Invisible Panty Lines

1. Wear pants or clothing that are not too tight, but skim the body.

2. Avoid pants or clothing made of thin clingy fabric.

3. Wear underwear that is flesh colored under white or light colored pants.

4. Look for underwear that states no panty line such as Victoria's Secret No Show or Jockey No Panty Line Promise.

5. Panties that cover the entire buttock area such as seamless boy short underwear.

6. Underwear without trim or elastic edging such as Commando invisible girl shorts.

7. Minimal coverage underwear such as thongs or invisible thongs.

8. Underwear that slims and smoothes the body such as Spanx Hide & Sleek.

9. Instead of underwear, don pantyhose or footless pantyhose such as Spanx.

10. Go sans underwear.