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Slimming Tips for Pants

Dear Dr. Dave and Dr. Dee,

I am overweight and short, and can never seem to find pants that fit well. Are there pants that help a person look slimmer?


Pant problems

Dear Pant problems,

To look slimmer in pants, here are 10 tips when choosing and wearing pants


1. Solid Colors: pant color is best in solid dark shades such as black, navy, gray, or brown.

2. Fabric: choose wrinkle resistant fabrics.

3. Fit: pants should drape comfortably over the leg, not tight fitting.

4. Flared: pant legs should hang straight or slightly flared, not tapered.

5. Length: wear 2 inch comfortable heels, and pant legs should hang down to the middle of the heel.

6. Flat Front: pant front should be flat, no pleats.

7. No Cuffs: avoid cuffs as they shorten the leg.

8. Sock Color: sock or stocking should match pant color.

9. Jacket: wear a longer jacket that hangs just below the hips.

10. Top Untucked: wear a top untucked.