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Dear Dr. Dave and Dr. Dee,

Are online book clubs a good thing to join? I have never been in a book club.


Book club baby

Dear book club baby,

Yes, online book clubs would be good to join. Online book clubs are social websites where you can discuss books with other people from around the world without leaving your house.

Barnes and Noble book clubs have a variety of discussion boards that you can join with topics such as parenting, crime novels, Harry Potter books, Shakespeare, gardening, travel, and romance novels.

Oprah's Book Club focuses on her latest book selection, but discussions can be found for any of her previous choices as well. It is easy to join an online book club, just register online at the website of interest. To get started, below are some suggestions for online book clubs.

Online Book Clubs:

1. Barnes & Nobles:

2. Bookcrossing:

3. Book Divas for teenager and young adults:

4. Goodreads:

5. Library Thing:

6. OEDb (Online Education Database) lists 100 Places to Connect With Other Bibliophiles Online:

7. Oprah's Book Club:

8. Table Talk:

9. Shelfari:

10. Yahoo! Book Club: