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Lips Natural Look Nicer than Lipstick?

Dear Dr. Dave and Dr. Dee,

My new boyfriend has been asking me to stop wearing lipstick because he says that it rubs off on too many things, I wear too much, and that I look better with natural lips. I don't wear much make-up, just blush, eyeliner, and lipstick. He has asked me several times. Should I stop wearing lipstick for him? How much lipstick is too much?


Need Advice

Dear Need Advice, Section targeting

Generally, lipstick is messy, and many men feel that they look better with their natural lips, plus a little lip balm. You can tell if someone is wearing too much lipstick if the first thing you notice is her lipstick. This rule-of-thumb goes for any other make-up such as blush, eyeliner, or mascara. Make-up should enhance your look, not overwhelm it.

If your boyfriend is not trying to change anything else about you, and you want to please him, then cut down on wearing lipstick around him. If you really want to keep wearing lipstick, then try a brand of lipstick that is "transfer resistant."

However, if he is changing many things about you, such as what you wear or doesn't want you going out with your friends, then you should rethink having this person for a boyfriend as it could be an early warning sign of a controlling or abusive relationship.

FREE SHIPPING on orders $25 and over!