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Wall Bed Instead of Guest Sleeping on Couch

Dear Dr. Dave and Dr. Dee,

We cannot agree on whether we should turn our only spare room into a study or bedroom. My mother wants to visit next summer, but she will have to sleep on the couch if we do not make the room a bedroom. My husband thinks it is not a big deal to sleep on the couch, but my mother is 85 years old!


Bedroom battle

Dear Bedroom battle,

You can compromise by having both a study and guest room in the same room. Install a wall bed that pulls down when needed for visitors, but otherwise folds out of sight and behind wood cabinet doors or bookcases. Wall beds save space and are very versatile because they are surface mounted on the wall or recessed into a cavity.

Wall beds are also called Murphy beds, pull down beds, hide away beds, space saver beds, or fold-up beds. They can be installed pretty much any where in your home to create an instant spare bed that does not show until it is needed.

Having a combination study/guest room is nicer instead of guests sleeping on the couch. Everyone will have some privacy.