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Minaudiere Fun

Dear Dr. Dave and Dr. Dee,

I have an expensive Swarovski studded minaudiere that I carry at just about all social gatherings. Is it only appropriate for evenings, or is it fine that I have it for luncheons or afternoon teas? I only ask because it never occurred to me that it was not proper until a 'friend' mentioned that rhinestones were only for evening functions.


Signature purse

Dear Signature purse,

A rhinestone covered minaudiere may be more appropriate for evening, but it is fine to have it for daytime functions as well. So, carry it and have fun.

A minaudiere is a small decorative case for carrying small items such as cosmetics or jewelry, and used as a purse or clutch. A minaudiere can have many shapes from box, to hearts, to animals, and often covered with rhinestones, crystals, jewels, beads, or cloisonne.