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Pants - Proper Length for Men

Dear Dr. Dave and Dr. Dee,

My husband buys pants that I believe are too short on him. His pant leg just touches his shoe top, and he feels that's where it should be, but I think that it should be longer. How long should dress slacks be?


Pondering proper pant issue

Dear Pondering proper pant issue,

Pants that are not long enough will look too short when standing, but especially when walking or sitting. Generally, when wearing dress slacks, the socks should not show when standing or walking.


Dress slacks or trousers should always have a pant break, which is the term used to describe the drape of the pant over the shoe - a horizontal crease along the pant front near the shoe.

According to clothier, Brooks Brothers, "The standard is to ask for a one-inch break, which means your pants will end one-inch above the beginning of your shoe's sole" (