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Lipstick 2 Shades Rosier Than Natural Lips

Dear Dr. Dave and Dr. Dee,

I don't normally wear any lipstick, just chapstick since I have very dry lips. But, I'd like to try wearing lipstick for an upcoming party. I don't want to wear bright red, or anything that will stand out. Also, I don't like the idea of lipstick coming off when I dab my mouth with a napkin. Do you think those "color stay" type lipsticks work? Any tips on what shade would be good so that I don't look like a clown?



Dear Wondering,

If you're not used to wearing lipstick, and you want to be subtle about the shade of color, then try a color that is two shades rosier (darker/brighter) than your own natural lip color. If you choose anything too close to your own natural lip color, then why bother wearing lipstick since you could just wear a lipgloss or lip balm.

Since you have dry lips, a lipstick that has moisturizers in it would be best, but they are not long lasting and you'd have to reapply. Most of the brands that are "permanent," "transfer resistant" or "don't wear off" may dry out your lips. However, new brands of lipsticks are always coming out that also keep lips somewhat moist.

Generally, the expensive lipsticks sold at the cosmetic counter can be tried out before buying. Remember to wear the lipstick a few days before the party so you'll feel comfortable.