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Jelly Bracelet - Sexual Color Meaning?

Dear Dr. Dave and Dr. Dee,

My daughter wears a lot of different colored jelly bracelets. These are the thin rubber band type, and not the ones that have writing on them to represent an organization. A neighbor mentioned that the bracelet colors have a sexual meaning. Can this be true, and what are the different color meanings?



Dear Shocked,

There have been a few news reports questioning whether these thin jelly or gel bracelets have sexual connotations, and a couple schools have banned them. However, the consensus seems to be that kids wear them for fun and not to display their sexual exploits.

A website called examines "Urban Legends," but has not been able to verify whether jelly bracelet colors really do have sexual obligations. The legend is that a boy snaps or breaks a bracelet off the girl's wrist and then she is supposed to perform the act represented by the color bracelet. gives the following sexual color meanings of the jelly bracelets:

Yellow: hugging

Purple: kissing

Red: lap dance

Blue: oral sex

Black: intercourse

For more information about jelly "sex" bracelets and other Urban Legends, go to