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Hair Coloring Tips To Look More Natural

Dear Dr. Dave and Dr. Dee,

Over the weekend, I decided that I was tired of my brown hair, got bold, went to the drugstore, and dyed my hair blonde. I love the new blonde look, but people in the office either said, "Oh new hair color," or said nothing at all. My office mate stated that she liked my natural hair color better. Was it rude of everyone, especially my office mate, to not say something positive about the new blonde me?



Dear Hurt,

Sometimes people need to get used to a new hair color on someone, and it may take awhile before they say something positive. Also, they might have been too surprised by your sudden new look to know what to say even if it looked nice.

On the other hand, maybe your office mate is doing you a favor by pointing out that you look nicer in your natural hair color? Perhaps the blonde color is not the right shade for your skin tone?

Hair stylists often suggest gradually lightening the hair and only going a few shades lighter than your natural hair color unless you are having it done professionally. In addition, highlighting the hair is another option to full color change.

If keeping the blonde color, remember to touch up your roots in about a month or so if you want to look more natural.


Below are the recommendations from for at-home hair coloring tips for each skin tone.


1. FAIR:

AVOID deep browns (and certainly black); pale skin is prone to ruddiness and dark hair will create a bull's-eye around red areas.

TRY a light auburn or rich honey blonde. Don't start overhighlighting, though; hair that's too blonde will wash you out.


AVOID red or copper hues, which can make your skin look sallow or orange.

TRY a deep mahogany base that will warm up your skin tone; protect the color with a UV-shielding styling product (like Kerastase Creme UV Defense Active). Consider a few golden highlights for extra brightness.

3. DARK:

AVOID going more than a couple of shades lighter than your natural color; the results could look brassy and make your skin tone seem flat.

TRY weaving caramel or cinnamon highlights around your face and through the ends, where the sun would hit.

4. A NOTE ON GRAY WHITE HAIR: as long as it's shiny, will look stunning with any skin tone. Use a violet-tinged shampoo once a week (try Pantene Silver Expressions), avoid styling products with alcohol (they can dull silver), and smooth a silicone serum (like Paul Mitchell Smoothing Gloss Drops) over dry hair for extra sheen.

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