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Root Touch Ups Between Hair Coloring Appointments

Dear Dr. Dave and Dr. Dee,

I've lost about 20 pounds, which was my goal. But, my stomach area is still flabby. I do stomach crunches, so what more can I do?

Dear Dr. Dee and Dr. Dave,

Is it okay to have my dark roots showing when I have blonde hair? I cannot afford to see my stylist as often as I would like.


Unnatural looking blonde

Dear Unnatural looking blonde,

Some celebrities seem to purposely have visibly dark roots with blonde hair. The look you would like to achieve is up to you.

When hair starts to grow out, roots are more noticeable when the natural hair color is very different from the hair coloring, i.e. dark roots with bleached blonde hair or gray roots with brunette coloring. Folks who prefer a natural blonde or brunette look can do root touch ups at home in between hair coloring appointments.


Root coloring products that have been given overall positive reviews from consumers at (alphabetical):

1. Clairol's Nice N'Easy Root Touch-Up Hair Color

2. ColorMark

3. Oscar Blandi Pronto Colore Root Touch-Up & Highlight Pen

4. Revlon ColorSilk Root Perfect 10 Minute Root Touch-Up

5. Rita Hazan Root Concealer (aerosol spray).

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