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Vacations Create Family Bonding

Dear Dr. Dave and Dr. Dee,

My wife and I are debating whether to take our 4 and 6-year-old boys to Disneyland. My thinking is that years from now, they won't even remember the trip, so why go? Maybe we should wait until they are a few years older and can appreciate it. My wife wants to go anyway. What is your opinion?


Difference of Opinion

Dear Difference of Opinion,

Disneyland is very family friendly and fun for any age. But, vacations are not about remembering what you did, but about building close family ties. Sharing experiences creates quality bonding time. Taking a vacation together is an ideal way to strengthen family relationships outside of the daily routine and responsibilities. As the years pass, your children may not remember the specifics of the vacation or even going to Disneyland, but they will have developed special feelings for the family and have fond memories of being together.

In addition to family bonding, traveling introduces new experiences and teaches children to be flexible, open-minded, and inquisitive.