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Ear Pressure and Plugged After Vertigo Episode

Dear Dr. Dave and Dr. Dee,

I am a 33 year old female who has been dealing with extreme pressure in my sinuses, ears, and I also have been having pulsitale tinnitus in both ears. My ears feel like they are full, and I feel pressure in them most of the time. Sometimes one ear or the other will feel plugged. My sinus pressure comes and goes. The pulsitale tinnitus is pretty much constant. I have tried allergy medication, sinus related nose sprays, ear cleaning kits, decongestants, ect. I cannot get in to see the ENT for six weeks. Is there anything I can do until then, and do you know what could be causing all of this? Also, I forgot to mention that I had severe episodes of Vertigo when all of this started two months ago, but it has since subsided.


Driving me nuts

Dear Driving me nuts,

Auditory symptoms after vertigo may be temporary sequelae that spontaneously resolve with time. If they persist, then more serious causes need to be ruled out such as Meniere's, acoustic neuroma and others. This is what you are already in the process of doing with your pending ENT evaluation. They may want to obtain an audiology evaluation, CT and or MRI of the brain, and other special ENT tests and neurology consult. Continue with symptomatic management in the interim as you are doing, and go to your local ER if symptoms worsen or you become more concerned.