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Deck Container Trees Add Elegance

Dear Dr. Dave & Dr. Dee,

We have a large deck and have placed some potted plants around the sides. But, I think it needs a tall plant or tree to break up the monotony. What would you suggest?


Need suggestion

Dear Need suggestion,

Potted plants and container trees of various sizes and heights would add interest, color, and elegance to the deck. There are many different types of trees from which to choose such as evergreens, fruit trees and ornamental flowering trees. Stroll around a nursery and see what you like, and find out if the container tree would do well given the lighting conditions on your deck.

A Japanese Maple called Red Dragon is a slow growing elegant tree with beautiful red lacy leaves. But, if you need privacy from neighbors, then you can use evergreen shrubs, bushes, and trees along the side as a screen. There are many flowering evergreens that will add color to the deck.