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Cruise Ship Comparison and Rating

Dear Dr. Dave and Dr. Dee,

Do you have any recommendations for a cruise ship to Europe?



Dear Wondering,

The best way to find out which particular cruise line and which ship would be best for you, is to first determine which European cities you want to visit, how long a cruise you wish to take, and the budget for your trip.

After you find out which cruise lines go to your destination for the dates of travel, you can compare price, accommodations, food, entertainment, activities, star rating, and other categories at websites such as Cruise Reviews Online (

Cruise Traveler Online ( lists the top 10 cruise ships for categories such as top staterooms, dining experiences, service, and best entertainment.

Cruise Critic at lists the best cruises based on lifestyles (i.e. disabled, family, gay & lesbian, luxury, romantic, senior, singles) and specialty (i.e. gourmet, holiday, expedition).

It's always a good idea to get first-hand information from folks who have actually been on a cruise. So, ask your office mates, neighbors, friends, or relatives who have been on cruises for their opinion about their cruise ship experience.

Some cruise veterans feel medium size ships (800-1800 passengers) are most comfortable versus mega ships (more than 2000 passengers). Passenger space ratio would be important, too.

To learn more about a destination and to see a list of cruise lines to a particular destination, Cruiseweb at provides brief descriptions. Some of the various destinations are Africa, Alaska, Asia, Bahamas, Caribbean, Greek Isles, Hawaii, Mediterranean, Mexico, Panama and South America.