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Cigarette Smell Eliminated

Dear Dr. Dave and Dr. Dee,

We purchased a used couch, but didn't notice the faint cigarette smell in the fabric until we got it home. All sales were final, so now we're stuck with this smelly couch. I've tried vacuuming it, but the smell is still there. Any hope for this couch?



Dear Disgusted,

Cigarette smells are hard to remove from furniture. However, there is hope for your couch. To remove cigarette odors try fabric refresher products such as Febreze or Clorox FreshCare. These fabric fresheners don't mask odors, but removes and eliminates odors. Follow the directions on the bottle. Basically, spraying this product on the couch until slightly damp and then letting it dry should eliminate the odor. If some smell still lingers, repeat the process.