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Cheating Ex - Stay Away From

Dear Dr. Dave and Dr. Dee,

My ex and I were married 2 years before my "best friend" stole him away from me. About 3 months ago, my ex and I ran into each other at a bar we used to frequent. His wife was not with him, and well, one thing led to another as they say, and now we've been secretly seeing each other. He tells me he loves me and wants to divorce "Jane." He didn't ask Jane for a divorce last month because her mother just died and he didn't want to hurt her any further. I just found out from another source that Jane is pregnant. When I asked my ex about it, he stated that she just told him, too. He thinks it's not even his baby. Now he says he has to wait until the baby is born before asking for a divorce because he doesn't want to upset her while she's pregnant. Should I wait, or is he leading me on?



Dear Waiting,

It's hard to step back and get a clear view of the picture when you're so emotionally tied up in a situation.

Your "ex" is leading you on. Get out of this dead-end relationship. Why would you want to be with someone who cheated on you when married, and now cheats on his new wife? No one can get "stolen away" from another. They leave of their own free will. I doubt that her pregnancy is by another man. Do not go to the bar or any other place the both of you used to frequent. Stay clear of him.

Counseling would be very beneficial for you to figure out why you need to stay with this man, and why your self-esteem is so low. You deserve better.