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Braless Bra for Low Cut Dress

Dear Dr. Dave and Dr. Dee,

I bought a lovely evening gown that is cut very low in the back. My strapless bra doesn't work because the back of the bra still shows. I've tried on some backless bras, but the dress back is still lower than the back of the bra. I cannot sew in bra pads because the dress fabric is very thin, so wouldn't the stitching be visible? Going braless is not an option because I want to feel comfortable. I love the dress, but should I return it?


Modest Mom

Dear Modest Mom,

If you love the dress, then keep it. There are strapless, backless, self adhesive bras that will not show under low cut backs or plunging necklines. These bras are just the cups that adhere to your skin. Be sure and choose lightly padded molded cups or stick-on bra gel or silicone cups for modesty, shaping, or enhancement.