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Jeans - Best Brands for Every Body Type

Dear Dr. Dave and Dr. Dee,

What do you consider the best fitting jeans?


Looking for perfect pants

Dear Looking for perfect pants,

There are many different styles and prices from which to choose depending on one's body shape. The Oprah Winfrey Show featured a segment on the best jeans for every body according to Stacy London (

Stacy London advises wearing shoes with higher heels and pointed toes to elongate the leg. The hem of the pant should fall to about the top of the toes so only an inch or so of the heel shows.

London specifically recommended these jean brands for the following figure types:


1. TALL WOMEN: make sure the hem falls to the bottom of your heel in the back to avoid high-waters: Rock & Republic, Notify, Habitual.

2. PETITIE: choose straight leg, not boot cut, no cuffs: Banana Republic, Kasil, Jag, Caslon.

3. TUMMY TROUBLES: choose a boot-cut jean, mid-rise that hits across the belly, not above or below it: Seven, Citizens of Humanity, Gold Sign, Gap, Paige Premium, Levi's, ck, Marc.

4. LARGE HIPS: mid-rise, straight or trouser leg which falls from the hips to create a longer-looking leg line: Cambio, Lucky, Banana Republic, gap, Womyn, Tahari, Levi's, ck, Marc, Seven, Citizens of Humanity, AG, Diesel, Joe's Jeans.

5. BIG BOOTIES (Derriere): Stay away from flap pockets or pockets with heavy embellishment or embroidery; find a rise that fits properly in the crotch: James, earnest Sewn, Seven, Citizens of Humanity.

6. FLAT TUSH: Look for jeans with flap pockets, heavy embellishment or embroidery. Slightly higher back pockets can also help make the bottom look lifted: True Religion, Joe's Jeans, Hudson.

7. TOP-HEAVY BODY: almost any brand will do. Just be sure to choose a jean that has a lighter wash, some bleaching on the leg or whiskering. Distressed denim helps add volume to the lower half without adding actual bulk and helps balance the body line.

8. JEANS TOO BIG IN THE RISE: Stacy says if your jeans fit everywhere except the rise, that is, the crotch. It may be because you have a longer torso and shorter legs. If so, even if you are taller, try on a petite pair of the same jeans. You may find they fit infinitely better in the rise and the leg.

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